Today's consumers are smarter than ever.


They are exposed to hundreds of product/brand messages every day but ignore most of them.  The reason is simply, relevance. If consumers don’t believe the message is relevant to them it's immediately dismissed.


This to be particularly true for African Americans and other multicultural consumer groups, because most messages are not created with them in mind.


So, ask yourself, is my brand and its messages relevant to these important consumer groups?  If the answer is, I'm not sure, then you need to contact, Chisholm Consulting, Inc.



For over 30 years Chisholm has delivered gold-standard performance in  marketing communications,

with expertise in strategic development, crisis management, advertising, public relations, relationship management, internal communications, consumer lobbying and social media.


Our approach to multicultural marketing is grounded in our proven Core Principles.  Clarity of thought, perpetual ideation, a tendency to look beyond the obvious, and a strong work ethic are the values that guide our work.



Chisholm Consulting is a marketing communications firm, focused on the multicultural market (specifically, African Americans & Hispanics).  Our business is to provide our clients with innovative thinking and resourceful implementation that help build positive relationships.



To leverage our roots and ethnic expertise into marketing communications solutions that create an emotional bond between the multicultural consumer and the client's products and services.


At Chisholm Consulting, we believe that marketing communications solutions should spark human emotions.


Our deep knowledge of the multicultural market enables us to help clients get a thorough understanding of how targeted consumers think and feel.  We look at the consumer's point of view and help our clients see things through the consumer's eyes.


To accomplish this, we use our set of Core Principles that include:

  • Environmental Conditions
  • "Consumer Of One" Analysis
  • Corporate Reputation Assessment
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing



Sam Chisholm, who is known for his relentless drive and demanding expectations, joined The Chisholm-Mingo Group (formerly The Mingo Group) in 1980 as Vice President and Management Supervisor.  In 1984, he was promoted to Senior Vice President and Director of Client Services and in 1986, to Executive Vice President and General Manager.  He became President in 1988 and Chief Executive Officer in 1990.

Prior to joining The Chisholm-Mingo Group, Mr. Chisholm served as Account Supervisor at The Marshalk Company and UniWorld Group.


He also served as Advertising/Sales Promotion Director for Continental Can Company and Assistant Media Director for Jack Tinker and Partners.


Sam began his advertising career at Benton & Bowles as a Media Planner.  He is a graduate of Virginia State University with a B.S. in Business Administration and Accounting.  He conducted his graduate studies at New York University.

Chisholm Consulting, Inc.