Chisholm Consulting, Inc.


Success in communications is  all about relationships.


This understanding builds a deep partnership with the urban consumer a prerequisite to delivering “Knowledge and Power.”


"The Knowledge" and expertise are required not only in understanding of the multicultural market, but in understanding how all communications disciplines affect this market.  A company’s activities and attitudes touch every aspect of their customers’ lives and we consider it our responsibility to bring excellence and deep insights.


To exercise “The Power” – the ability to take that breadth and depth of knowledge and leverage it in a powerful, efficient and consistent way for our clients - is Chisholm’s key differentiator.


We have executed successful Multicultural Marketing Communications programs for clients such as Denny’s, Texaco, General Motors, Goodyear, Spring Creek Towers, Cablevision, United States Army, National Parks Department, Census 2000, Seagram’s brands ONDCP, plus others.

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